Building Occupancy and Maximizing Value in Seniors Housing

seniors housing

Declining building occupancy has been the most significant headline news impacting seniors housing for the past two years. But, did you know some communities stay at 100% occupancy with a waiting list?

Why are your leads are not turning into move-ins?

What are the best marketing tools in today’s Internet-dominated world?

Why do some seniors housing communities stay at 100% occupancy month after month?

Find out what industry experts Steve Monroe (Editor of The SeniorCare Investor), Traci Bild (President and CEO at Bild & Company), and Glenn Lombardi (Founder & CEO at Goldn) have to say about it. Listen in on or read about the insights, strategies, and techniques they are using. Start maximizing value in your communities today!

For access to exclusive data on building occupancy and seniors housing, click on this link to find more information our webinar on occupancy.