Thursday, May 25, 2017; 1:00 pm (Eastern)

COST: $297 per dial-in connection

What one of the most difficult things to do in healthcare valuations is to separate out the real estate value from the business value. This is true for skilled nursing facilities and assisted living as well as LTACs, behavioral healthcare and acute care hospitals. It is very important to lenders because their security interest is based on the real estate value, and that real estate value can also be impacted by the operations. In addition, questions abound as to what a leasehold interest is worth as well as how you value management contracts.



  • How the real estate component of value changes with acuity levels, and why.
  • Why within each sector the real estate value vs. business value can differ.
  • What multiples buyers use for leasehold interests and management contracts.
  • Whether lenders will lend against business value.
  • What REITs are really buying when they complete purchase/leaseback transactions.

PLUS… your chance to ask our panel of experts any questions about Business Value vs. Real Estate Value.

This educational offering is pending approval for 1.50 credit hours by the National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards (NAB). Upon webinar approval and enrollee’s successful completion of the test, Irving Levin Associates, Inc. will issue a NAB certificate of completion for students to issue to their state licensure boards.