Thursday, October 17, 2019 | 1:00pm EST

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We are now nine years past the Great Recession, a recession where it was discovered that assisted living was recession resistant because when you need the care, there are not too many options. The assisted living market has grown significantly since the end of the recession in 2009, and values have been hovering near a market peak, despite all the occupancy, development and labor headwinds. For the right property, buyers have been known to acquire based on a 5% and even 4% cap rate, assuming the headwinds will dissipate or not impact a trophy property. But nine years into an economic recovery, and talk of a much-delayed potential recession hitting the economy in the next year or two, will the assisted living acquisition market really continue on unabated? The majority of the properties will be over 20 years old by 2020, with some showing their age. Does that mean it is time to sell, and at what price?


In this webinar, you will find out:

  • What the investors are really thinking about traditional assisted living values, and whether age will have much of an impact
  • Who is selling at a time when the market may have peaked
  • Who is buying, and are they expecting a new resurgence in activity and values after the market absorbs all the recent development
  • Whether lenders will continue to supply the capital needed for an active acquisition market, and supporting even higher values
  • When cap rates may start to decline, if at all

Assisted living has seen the most development activity of all of seniors housing and care for the past several years, but will it be enough for the aging baby boomers, and will these boomers want something that was built 20 years ago? This is what buyers, investors and developers will have to think about as they invest in this sector over the next several years, and at what price. Plus, you will have an opportunity to ask the experts your questions during the live Q&A.


Steve Monroe, Partner, The SeniorCareInvestor (Moderator) Ben Swett, Editor, The SeniorCare Investor (Moderator) Jay Wagner, Executive Managing Director – National Seniors Housing Capital Markets, Cushman & Wakefield Matthew Whitlock, Managing Director & Chief Investment Officer – Senior Housing, Berkshire Residential Investments Chris Hollister, Co-Founder & Vice-Chairman, Pegasus Senior Living

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