June 24, 2021 | Thursday at 1:00pm Eastern

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In the first three months of the pandemic, many lenders put a hold on new loans, while some lenders made terms so untenable it was the same as saying their debt window was closed. As lending opened up again, the first thing that was noticeable was that leverage requirements were stricter. Always known as a high-leverage asset class, as census dropped and providers started to hand the keys over to some lenders because they could no longer make the debt payments, people questioned whether the high leverage of the past would stay in the past.

Is the high leverage of the past gone for now, and if so, who is still willing to take on that risk? Where can you get the best terms and flexibility post-pandemic? What is the relationship between leverage and interest rate? Does it matter which type of property and how old it is? Find out who is lending, at what terms and on what properties.




  Ben Swett, Editor, The SeniorCare Investor (moderator)

 Don Kelly, Managing Director, Locust Point Capital

 Brittany Robinson, Director, Newmark

  Dan Storer, Managing Director of Healthcare Banking, Huntington Bank

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