Home Health Care and Hospice Acquisition Report, 2015

Home Health Care and Hospice Acquisition Report, 2015Home Health Care and Hospice M&A transaction data, statistics and valuation multiples
Learn all about today’s home health care and hospice merger and acquisition market, not just what’s covered in major media. The Home Health Care & Hospice Acquisition Report, 2015 (7th edition) gives you the critical details on the deals associated with the recent trends in the home health and hospice market.
An analysis of the recent history of M&A activity is at your fingertips. There’s no quicker way to get current on the home health and hospice M&A market or review historic M&A data. Reference all the facts and figures you need to make the most of opportunities in this market. Essentials such as product technology, government regulations, reimbursement, key market trends, charts and graphs on who’s buying, who’s selling, why, and for how much.

Publication Date: April 2015

Get all this market intelligence and more:
Deal-by-deal transaction data for the year’s publicly announced home health & hospice merger and acquisition deals through January 1, 2015
All the hard-to-find statistics you need to size up the market today–and tomorrow–including:
►Price/revenue ratios
►Price/EBITDA ratios


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