Held Thursday, February 26, 2015, at 1:00 p.m. (Eastern)
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In This Webinar:

Get A Sneak Peak At Our Upcoming 2015 Senior Care Acquisition Report


Our 20th Edition of the critically acclaimed Senior Care Acquisition Report will be published in late March. We will be unveiling never before revealed findings on this webinar.

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The current bull market began in the summer of 2010 and prices keep going up and cap rates going down. The supply of capital keeps going up and the cost keeps going down. Experienced seniors housing developers and operators are building new communities, and developers and investors from outside the industry have gone beyond dipping just their toes in the new development market. Once again, demographics and the purported unlimited supply of baby boomers for the new communities is moving capital to the sector.

But at what point do prices get too high? At what point do cap rates ignore the risk premium in what is becoming a higher and higher acuity business? At what point does the new development not fill up, forcing lenders and equity investors to make some decisions? And then there is the impact that an ultimate rise in interest rates will have on the market, whether this year, 2016 or beyond. In August 2007, we made the call that we were at a market peak, but that there was a paradox because it looked like the bull market should just keep on going. We are in a similar environment today, minus the housing boom and reckless Wall Street financing practices. But how do you pinpoint an actual market peak, and does there have to be an event that brings on the decline?

Join us as we discuss:
The new pricing acquisition stats for 2014 will be disclosed
●Are we at the peak or is there more to come
●What may happen if we are at a peak, or if we aren't what may happen
●…and more

PLUS…your chance to ask our panel of experts any questions about the seniors housing bubble.



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