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Spotlight on the Seniors Housing & Care Market: A Look Back at M&A Trends and Transactions in the 21st Century, 2nd Edition, is a companion publication focusing on the Long-Term Care industry.

Seniors Housing Post-COVID-19 – Will This Crisis Be Different From Others? – Steve Monroe, Managing Editor of The SeniorCare Investor discusses the Seniors Housing & Care Market Post-COVID-19.


Seniors Housing & Health Care M&A in the 21st Century is a special publication that highlights the largest and most important transactions, mergers and acquisitions that have shaped the health care and seniors housing markets since 2000. The publication features deal volume and spending totals, as well as the 10 largest transactions in each sector. Whether your interest is in behavioral health care, hospitals, long-term care, or pharmaceuticals, you’ll learn what’s driving these markets today, and what that means for future M&A.

Building Occupancy

Building Occupancy & Maximizing Value in Seniors Housing – Declining building occupancy has been the most significant headline news impacting seniors housing for the past two years. But, did you know some communities stay at 100% occupancy with a waiting list?

Find out what industry experts Steve Monroe (Editor of The SeniorCare Investor)Traci Bild (President and CEO at Bild & Company), and Glenn Lombardi (Founder & CEO at Goldn) have to say about it. Listen in on or read about the insights, strategies, and techniques they are using. Start maximizing value in your communities today!

Entrepreneurial Spirit of Seniors Housing – A two-volume set featuring Steve Monroe, managing editor of The SeniorCare Investor, having discussions with industry experts in an effort to help preserve the rich history of their profession and offer invaluable insights and inspiration to the future entrepreneurs of our industry.

Entrepreneurial Spirit of Seniors Housing | Vol. 1 – a composite of personal reflections from five distinguished leaders in seniors housing: Bill Colson, Paul Klaassen, Bill Sheriff, Steven Vick, and Patricia Will.

Entrepreneurial Spirit of Seniors Housing | Vol. 2 – a composite of personal reflections from distinguished leaders in seniors housing: David Freshwater, Laverne Joseph, Bill Kaplan, Jim Stroud, Bill Thomas, and Bob Thomas.